Ofsted acts and England's unlikeliest fans

Ahead of the Ofsted report into the "Trojan Plot" allegations of Islamist "takeovers" of Birmingham schools, many papers cover the likely findings. The Daily Telegraph says the prime minister is to order unannounced spot checks of schools.

The Guardian front page It's the same story leading The Guardian. The paper says the spot checks will be ordered because of fears that schools were able to "cover up" the influence of Islamic extremists during the usual Ofsted inspections.
The Times front page It's "Trojan Horse" on the front of The Times as well. The paper says the Ofsted report will recommend tighter vetting of school governors, with background checks on their interests and activities.
The i front page It's the latest on the Qatar 2022 corruption row on the front of the i newspaper. The paper says that World Cup sponsors Sony, Adidas and Visa have all voiced concerns over allegations of bribery in world football.
Metro front page The same story leads the front page of Metro. The paper says the disquiet among sponsors - some of whom pay tens of millions of pounds to be associated with the contest - has thrown fresh doubt as to whether Qatar will host the 2022 cup.
The Sun front page There's a football story of a lighter tone on the front of The Sun. The paper claims a remote Brazilian tribe have become fanatical England fans after "falling in love" with the team's three lions badge.
The Independent front page The Independent again has a special report on its front page. The paper trails a dispatch by Patrick Cockburn on how "fanatical" Islamists from the Isis organisation are making gains in their insurgency in Iraq and Syria.
Daily Express front The Daily Express reports on Home Office figures showing that 28,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in the country in the last two years. The paper says experts estimate that there are two million "illegals" in the UK.
The Daily Mail front page A health story leads The Daily Mail. The paper publishes the results of an investigation it has carried out which shows that a quarter of GP surgeries close for at least one half-day during the week.
Daily Mirror front page The Daily Mirror's front claims that a new hunt will be made for the remains of Moors Murderers' victim Keith Bennett after "fresh facts" have come to light about his 1964 killing.
Financial Times front page There's bad news for would-be president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in the Financial Times. Mr Juncker, whose candidacy is already opposed by David Cameron, has had obstacles placed in his way by the Swedish PM.
The Herald front page Scotland's Herald newspaper leads with claims that the UK's biggest parties are on the verge of signing a deal to guarantee more devolved powers to the Scottish parliament, should the Scots reject independence.

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