The papers: Radical cleric convicted and AstraZeneca bid falters

The conviction of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri by a US court leads the Daily Telegraph, which says he is likely to die in jail. The preacher, who was extradited from the UK to the US, was found guilty on Monday of 11 terrorism charges by a jury in New York.

The Times front page The Times also leads on the conviction of Abu Hamza by a US court. The former leader of Finsbury Park mosque in north London was described by prosecutors as a "trainer of terrorists". Abu Hamza, who told the court he was an engineer, is expected to appeal against his conviction.
The Guardian front page £7bn has been wiped off the share value of UK pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca after it rejected a £69bn takeover bid by US rival Pfizer, says the Guardian. While politicians and scientists had criticised the American firm's attempt, the City had hoped a deal would go ahead, it says.
FT front page Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Financial Times leads on Pfizer's attempts to buy AstraZeneca. It says the US firm's only hope of a deal now rests with the British drugs company's shareholders, who may be able to put pressure on the board to change its mind about the £69bn offer.
The Independent front page The Independent focuses on the cost of owning a home amid concerns about the potential effect of an interest rate rise. It says 2.3 million people will struggle to afford their repayments. Its front-page picture is taken from the Chelsea Flower Show, which opens to the public on Tuesday.
The I front page The Independent's sister paper the i leads on the same story - saying research suggests one in 10 homeowners is at risk of becoming a "mortgage prisoner". It also chooses an image from the Chelsea Flower Show as its picture lead.
Daily Mail front page The Daily Mail tells of a £5 test which could prevent the misdiagnosis of people who had a heart attack. The test, which checks for levels of a protein which is released when the heart muscle is damaged, may pick up "silent" heart attacks which can be mistaken for less serious conditions.
Daily Express front page Medical news is on the front page of the Daily Express, which reports how short bursts of intensive exercise may help prevent diabetes. It quotes from a Scottish study which suggests putting in two minutes of maximum effort a week may be as effective as the recommended five 30-minute sessions.
The Star front page The Star says former footballer Paul Gascoigne wants to open a chain of bars. The ex-England striker has received treatment on a number of occasions for alcohol dependency.

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