Economic news dominates front pages

Financial Times front page, 14/11/13
Image caption The Financial Times sees bright economic news in the Bank of England's belief that the recovery is happening quicker than expected, reporting the Bank's decision to bring forward its forecast for when unemployment will fall below 7%.
The i, front page, 14/11/13
Image caption Bank of England governor Mark Carney is pictured smiling out of the i newspaper's front page, which sums up his views as: "Growth is 'robust', unemployment falling and credit improving."
The Times front page, 14/11/13
Image caption The Times points out the sting in the tail of the economic news, in that the cost of borrowing is likely to rise as the Bank will start to consider raising interest rates once the 7% unemployment "staging post" has been reached.
Guardian front page, 14/11/13
Image caption However, the Guardian's front page suggests that not everyone might benefit should that swift recovery materialise, quoting Prime Minster David Cameron as saying the coalition government must "do far more" to improve social mobility.
The Sun front page, 14/11/13
Image caption For a second day, the Sun pictures a Filipino child victim of Typhoon Haiyan. It launches an appeal for all readers to donate £1 to help the 11 million people affected by the devastation left by the storm.
Daily Telegraph front page, 14/11/13
Image caption Millions more Britons could be prescribed statins to lower their cholesterol levels, as health officials review their guidance on medication to reduce the risk of heart attacks, the Daily Telegraph reports on its front page.
Daily Mail front page, 14/11/13
Image caption The mystery over what happened to Gareth Williams, the MI6 spy whose body was found in a padlocked bag, leads the Daily Mail. It describes his parents' anger at a police ruling that his death was likely to have been an accident.
Daily Mirror front page, 14/11/13
Image caption The Daily Mirror has the same story, quoting the lawyer of Mr Williams' parents as suggesting there had been a cover-up. "My suggestion is that the dark arts were involved," he's quoted as saying.
The Independent front page, 14/11/13
Image caption The Independent claims an exclusive with claims that the White House and US State Department are "playing a lead role" in stalling the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry report into Britain's decision to go to war with Iraq.
Daily Express front page, 14/11/13
Image caption The Daily Express follows up yesterday's "Coldest winter freeze on way" by warning that northern Britain can expect up to 4in (10cm) of snow next week as "a mass of bitterly cold air from the Arctic" heads our way.
Daily Star front page, 14/11/13
Image caption There are warnings of a different kind from the Daily Star, which says officials are warning of "killer floods". Apparently, Britons are urged to "be prepared" to avoid catastrophe.

Finally, under the headline "Part-time Britain", the Metro notes how millions more people are in work but that they earning less. It says many of them want full-time jobs but cannot find any.