Breakfast with the Business pages

By Robert McKenzie
Business and technology editor, BBC News Online


The Business pages of the BBC News website will be conducting an experiment over the next four months.

From Monday 7 October we will run a live page every weekday morning (excluding Christmas and New Year) rounding up all the business and economics news and comment in one easy to find location.

The page will be updated from 6am-10am, although it may run for longer on days when there is big economic or business news. We are calling it Business Live.

Much of its content will come from our huge variety of broadcast programmes. In the UK we have Radio 4's Today, 5 live's Breakfast and Wake Up To Money, and Breakfast on BBC One. Internationally we offer World Business Report, Newsday and Business Daily. Together they produce hours of business and economics journalism every morning.

At the moment, unless you happen to be listening or watching one of those programmes, you miss the insights their carefully picked guests are sharing. We want to provide the BBC's audiences with the chance to enjoy the best of all our output without having to hunt around iPlayer and the different programme websites.

As part of our aim to provide a "one stop" briefing for the day, we will also be rounding up the best of business and economics on social media - including voices such as our own Robert Peston, Linda Yueh and Hugh Pym - and reflecting what other news organisations are saying. We are also hoping to include some of your views.

This is a very busy time of day for business and economic news. UK companies release their information to the stock market at 7am and many important economic indicators are released at either 8.30 or 9.30am.

Part of the experiment is seeing how visible Business Live needs to be in order to be useful. For four hours in the morning we will be taking over the top right-hand side of the main Business index and every business story if you're looking at the site from a desktop computer. For those on mobile (and that's often almost half our audience at that time) it will simply be one of the top stories.

Another part of our experiment is seeing whether we need to carry on writing short stories about many of the market announcements that emerge at 7am. Would we be providing a better service to you by recording them in Business Live immediately and then analysing them as we get the chance?

We want to try new things, so please do bear with us if we start moving things around. Indeed, it's a chance for you to tell us if we are improving our service or getting in the way of you using the site. You can email your thoughts to us using