Queen's Baton Relay: Goodbye Scotland, hello India

Mark checking in at Glasgow Airport
Image caption Mark checking in at Glasgow Airport

I am sitting in departures, thinking ahead to an amazing journey. For me there is no other excitement than that of anticipation, that great unknown, that relief to be starting out on an adventure.

Thinking back, both my Americas and the Arctic documentaries started here at Glasgow Airport. This place has become synonymous with these moments: pausing, reflecting on months of preparation, looking forward to so much yet to come.

The next time you will hear from me is in India as the baton makes the first stop in this mammoth journey around the Commonwealth.

The baton will reach 70 countries and territories, which is totally different from any journey I have ever undertaken before.

Our task on this coverage is to meet as many people as possible and share stories from all over of the Commonwealth.

The day of departure has finally arrived and it has been filled with excitement and tears as I wave goodbye to my family and friends. We have been planning for this day for over a year and it is amazing to finally get to the start line.

Details of the baton's 40-day tour of Scotland were announced earlier, which means the full nation can enjoy the celebrations when I return next year. There's also great plans for the baton's tour all around the British Isles.

Glasgow is buzzing and everyone in Scotland is talking about the Commonwealth Games. There is an incredible journey about to happen over the next seven months.

Next stop, India!