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Sex and money

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media captionThe people 'turned on' by disability, and the writer who says capitalism is disabling

This month's hour-long programme delves into the worlds of sex and capitalism - both of which have their unsavoury elements as we discover. Also, going against the grain perhaps, a campaign to promote the use of the word "disability".

With guests Emily Yeats, Roddy Slorach and Lawrence Carter-Long .

Show notes

Writer and BBC Three presenter Emily Yates talks about her documentary Meet the Devotees which explores the secretive world of those who are sexually aroused by disabled people and like to watch their daily struggles.

She tells us what happened when she made her own video to please the devotee community.

Disability activist Lawrence Carter-Long speaks to us from Washington about his social media campaign #saytheword after US President Barack Obama failed to reference disabled people as a minority group during January's State of the Union address to Congress.

Carter-Long hopes his campaign will encourage all disabled people to come together as a community and speak with one voice.

And author Roddy Slorach's book A Very Capitalist Condition: The Politics and History of Disability, looks at modern capitalist economies from a socialist perspective.

He argues that capitalism, with its emphasis on private profits and individual contributions through labour, discriminate against disabled people due to the extra time and additional labour it may take them to complete a job.

Slorach charts the history of disabled groups before and after the industrial revolution and attempts to bust some myths about how disabled people were treated in ancient times.

Presenters: Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty

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