Ouch disability talk show 111: Religion and politics

Simon Minty and Shannon Murray

On this month's show: They say never discuss religion and politics. We're ignoring that advice.

We look at Guide Gods, a show about how different faiths think about disability.

With the Scottish referendum nearly on us, we ask two disabled Scots, one in the yes camp, one in the no, how independence might affect disabled people.

Also: Would you prefer a drug-dispensing microchip or a drug-dispensing testicle? Does the Ice Bucket Challenge bring awareness to Motor Neurone Disease as originally intended? Plus the monthly news quiz, music and plenty of disability talk.

Shannon Murray and Simon Minty present.

Your monthly way in to disability news through chat, humour and the little things of life.

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Show notes

More about this month's guests and discussions:

  • Our citizen journalist this month is Jocelyn Tomkinson, unofficially Ouch's cures correspondent. She works in spinal cord injury research at a university in Vancouver. Hear more from her on her podcast Gimphacks
  • Dancer and artist Claire Cunningham talks to us about her show Guide Gods which explores how disabled people are treated and understood by different faiths. It's on at the Southbank Centre in London in early September.
  • Disability issues are beginning to figure in the run-up to next month's Scottish referendum. Read the Scottish government's welfare pledges around disability. and why one disabled MP is voting no.
  • Our studio guest throughout this edition is Mik Scarlet - disability journalist, pundit, trainer and presenter. Follow him on Twitter.
  • We end each show with an unsigned disabled artist, this month it's Ilse. Born in Belgium, she now lives in New York. She says her song, I am Human, is a response to all the quizzical looks and cruel words she received living in a small town and growing up with a prosthetic hand. Take a peek at the much-viewed music video on YouTube.
  • For other audio clips from Ouch, go to our Audioboo channel.

Producer: Damon Rose

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