Ouch disability talk show 109: Tetra belly

Kate and Rob with Simon and Simone in the studio

On this month's show: Do disabled people have a ready-made excuse not to diet or exercise if they have limited movement? We talk to a mobility impaired woman who has lost four stone after changing her lifestyle.

Also: Mental health made funny at London's Anxiety Festival, and the disabled woman behind the eagle story that went viral.

Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan present.

Your monthly way in to disability news through chat, humour and the little things of life.

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Show notes

Find out more about this month's guests and discussions with our selection of links.

  • Simone Illger is 4ft 9in (145cm), she's Thalidomide-impaired and has shrunk down from 14 stone (93kg) to 9st 10lb (62kg). On the podcast she talks about how she did it and how her mobility is now much better as a result. Read her Facebook page.
  • Simon Minty from the Abnormally Funny People comedy troop joins us. Follow them on Twitter for news of their forthcoming accessible gizmo review podcast.
  • You may have seen the recent story about the eagle which flew into the house of a woman in Dorset. What wasn't mentioned is that Wendy Morrell is disabled. She's been contributing as our assistance animals correspondent for the last few months and returns to give us the disability angle, and explains how the story went viral. Watch a video of the eagle in her home.
  • Stand-up comedian Debs Gatenby is performing at the Anxiety Arts Festival in London soon with her show that details the funny bits, yes there are funny bits, of the anxiety and depression both she and her mother had. She says it's "two for one, an emotional meal deal".
  • New track "I ran over a lizard" from Rudely Interrupted features at the end of the show. The Australian all-disabled band is getting international attention. They've just finished a mini tour in Italy and are heading to a gig in Los Angeles. Read an early interview we did with lead singer Rory Burnside who is blind and has Asperger syndrome.
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Producer: Damon Rose

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