Ouch disability talk show 104: Purple people

On this month's show: Heather Mills is out of the Winter Paralympics, and are The Undateables really un-dateable?

Also, what do you do when your care role ends? And why do we say the disability pound is purple?

Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan present.

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Media captionHeather Mills, the purple pound and carer comedy

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Ouch regular Simon Minty, consultant and founder of the Abnormally Funny People comedy events, talks to us about Heather Mills pulling out of the running for a place on the GB team at the Winter Paralympics and Channel 4's Undateables, now back for a third series.

Mum and campaigner Nicky Clark joins us to talk about how her full-time carer role is coming to an end and now, using some of the time she finds herself with, she's attempting to get into stand-up comedy.

And the disability movement seems to be adopting the colour purple, perhaps most notably with its spending power referred to as the purple pound. Mary-Anne Rankin of the Really Useful Stuff online shop talks to us about this and about how to woo disabled consumers.

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