Ouch talk show 99: Hops and halos

Rob and Kate are joined by Tom and Dougie from improv comedy group Racing Minds

Ever heard of the invalid stout sold a hundred years ago to cure disability? Also, the man who says volunteering saved his life after a spell in hospital. And are disabled comedians duty bound to make light of their disabilities?

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Media captionOuch talk show, 1 August 2013 with Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan.

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  • Joining us from the US is disability know-it-all Lawrence Carter-Long and Muslim comedian Maysoon Zayid - both of whom have cerebral palsy. They discuss disability booze, fasting for Ramadan, and the 23rd birthday of the ADA, their big disability equality law.
  • One of the themes at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe is disability, helpfully for us. We're joined by two of the acts under that umbrella. Lost Voice Guy is a comedian who uses a tablet device to perform his comedy because he can't speak. And Tom and Dougie from the improvisation group Racing Minds, are visually impaired.
  • And is volunteering always accessible or worth doing? Rob and Kate talk to Simon Reddecliffe of the London waterways charity (Thames 21), Jemma Mindham from (CSV UK) and Martyn Sibley, editor of the online magazine Disability Horizons.
  • Broken Hearted Man, a track by US blind singer-songwriter Kevin Reeves, ends the show.

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