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Nordic couple gets married in border ceremony

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image copyrightPhilip Nordas
image captionThe bride suggested the idea as a joke

A Norwegian bride married her Swedish groom at a ceremony conducted at the border between their countries - with the guests standing on each side of the border, in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

The couple told the BBC that they couldn't wait any longer for the restrictions to be lifted. ''We did not want to change the date… all we wanted was to get married!'' they said.

And because Sweden has taken a much more relaxed approach to Covid-restrictions, neighbouring countries like Norway have not included it in the list of destinations that people can travel from.

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So what the couple did was exchange their vows in the middle of a forest in Norway's south-eastern Holebekk region, right next to the Swedish border. They stood on one side of the border, separated by a white ribbon from some of their family and friends.

image copyrightPhilip Nordas
image captionThe parties were separated by a white ribbon

The bride, Camilla Oyjord, said she had suggested the idea as a joke, to which friends and families responded with enthusiasm.

''We wanted to become husband and wife! Love conquers all!'' she said.

The groom, Alexander Clern, said they didn't think anyone would come, as it was a long drive into the woods, but they were delighted by a big turnout of wedding guests.

And there were two uninvited guests as well - police officers who were there to make sure no one crossed the ribbon.

''The police officers asked politely if they could join in and watch. We off course said yes to that,'' the newlyweds added.

image copyrightPhilip Nordas
image captionThe newlyweds were overwhelmed by how many guests turned up

Reporting by Ilgin Karlidag

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