Turkish town of Karamursel hails its 'Superman' mayor

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Image source, YouTube/Ihlas News Agency
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Mayor Ismail Yildirim goes to the aid of a diver in trouble

The mayor of the Turkish town of Karamursel is being hailed as a bit of a hero after jumping into the sea to rescue a diver in difficulties, the Daily Sabah website reports.

Mayor Ismail Yildirim was attending a ceremony at a pier to commemorate one of Turkey's worst accidents at sea - the sinking of the SS Uskudar ferry in 1958, in which 272 people died.

Several divers from the town's underwater sports association were in the water carrying banners and laying wreaths when one, Senay Ertorun, started crying for help.

Mr Yildirim took off his shoes, coat and jacket, and dived in to help her, pulling her a short distance to the shore, where others helped them out of the water.

His quick actions were caught on camera and local news outlets have praised him for it, with the Karamursel TV website even portraying him as Superman.

Social media users have also been impressed, though it has sparked the odd unfavourable comparison to local leaders elsewhere.

"Karamursel's mayor rescued a diver who was about to drown, whereas our mayor can't even lay tarmac on the roads properly," grumbled one.

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