Copenhagen gets 'soothing' musical ambulances

Music control panel in a Danish ambulance Image copyright Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Image caption The Capital Region is following the lead of North Jutland, where ambulances feature a control panel with a choice of music

Patients in the Danish capital will soon be taken to hospital to the sound of soothing music.

Authorities in Copenhagen's Capital Region have invested in 79 ambulances which offer "a better and safer experience" including a choice of music or nature sounds, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) reports. The roll-out follows a successful trial in the North Jutland region with 17 vehicles which cost one million kroner ($145,000; £102,000) each, where some 70% of patients said they enjoyed the new experience, the Copenhagen Post says.

Creating a more relaxing environment, such as removing rattling implements, will reassure patients in life-threatening situations, especially if they face a long trip to the nearest hospital, North Jutland health official Soren Aagaard Christiansen said in an interview with DR last year.

The Capital Region's new vehicles also boast electric-powered stretchers, which make it less taxing to lift patients into the ambulance. There are also seat belts for paramedics, making it easier for staff to work on patients while the vehicle is on the road. Speaking to DR, paramedic Jesper Friis said: "It allows continuous treatment as we drive the ambulance. We can use our time better on the way to the hospital and get qualified help."

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