Tokyo police roll out 3D mug shots

A photo from the police showing a CCTV image and a 3D camera mugshot Image copyright National Police Agency
Image caption The 3D image can be rotated to match the angle of CCTV footage

Tokyo's police force is to start taking 3D mug shots of suspects being held in custody, it's reported.

The images will form part of a database which officers hope will make it easier to analyse CCTV footage, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reports. All of the Japanese capital's 102 police stations will be fitted with a 3D camera as part of the new process, which will begin in April. "As we can identify the suspects more quickly and accurately, our arrest rate is expected to become greater," one senior officer tells the paper.

Unlike regular two-dimensional mug shots, the 3D images can be adjusted to match the angle of security camera footage, which is often shot from above, rather than at face height. At the moment police only photograph suspects' faces from the front and diagonally, making it difficult to match mug shots to CCTV images. Tokyo's police force says it is the first to roll out the cameras across all of its stations - until now they have only been installed at some regional police headquarters in Japan, The Mainichi newspaper notes.

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