Belgium: 'Selfie traffic signs' slow speeding drivers

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image captionDrivers get the 'Thank you very much' or 'You're going too fast' face based on their speed

Authorities in Antwerp, Belgium, are inviting people to upload a selfie and become a traffic sign - as a way to deter drivers from speeding.

Belgium already uses a system of "smiley" road signs to tell motorists whether they are speeding or not. But now citizens are invited to upload two photos of themselves, one with a happy face and another with a disapproving glare - to be flashed at errant motorists, the Belgian website Flanders News reported. As part of a joint awareness scheme by the city of Antwerp and the police, the photos will be displayed on interactive speedometers installed across the city.

There has been huge public support for efforts to tackle speeding on Belgium's roads. In April, tens of thousands of people responded to a call for ideas on where to place speed cameras ahead of a marathon speed crackdown by police. Campaigners say 300 people die in Belgium every year because of speeding.

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