Denmark: 'Free' supermarket swaps food for reviews

Young woman at the supermarket Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Tryvertising is thought to be an innovative way of reaching customers

Shoppers in the Danish capital will soon be able to buy groceries without paying for them - if they write a review about the products.

Copenhagen's first "free" supermarket is scheduled to open in a few days, The Copenhagen Post reports. Once customers register online with Freemarket, they place an order and pick everything up at the shop.

But shoppers have to review their products quickly - they might have their profile shut down if they take too long, or have to pay a fine if they want it reopened. Freemarket also charges 19 kroner (£2.02; $3.40) a month to pay for the "physical operation" and has a monthly limit of 10 products.

"Experienced consumers switch off or even get angry about the commercials, ads, banners and pop-ups foisted on them," says Cutting Edge PR. "'Tryvertising' is an innovative way to reach them." The concept isn't unique to Denmark, but has been gaining popularity as companies try to harness the power of customer reviews online. Big brands from the car to coffee industries have been offering perks such as free use of cars at hotels or complimentary coffee to commuters at bus stops in the same spirit.

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