Hong Kong: Peeping Toms make glass buildings cover up

Hong Kong Central Library Image copyright South China Morning Post
Image caption The Hong Kong Central Library has increased security after reports of women being filmed

Buildings in Hong Kong have been covering up glass staircases with stickers to deter "peeping Toms", it's been reported.

The brand new PMQ arts building has plastered its stairs and walls with opaque panels after women complained they were being filmed, the South China Morning Post reports. Women are apparently being warned to watch out because "tech-savvy perverts" are using devices which are more difficult to recognise as spying equipment, the paper says.

Other places affected include the city's Central Library, which is covering a glass footbridge and the escalators between floors, says a spokesman for Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The library is also increasing security patrols.

While no law currently exists in Hong Kong relating to secret filming, other laws could be used to prosecute the practice, according to the South China Morning Post. In 2013 police said complaints of "up-skirt" photography on Hong Kong's city railway, the MTR, had increased by more than a third in a year.

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