Canada: Shipwreck camera found and returned to owner

Camera lost off Vancouver Island, in Canada, in 2012 and found two years later Image copyright Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

A camera that was lost two years ago in a shipwreck off the west coast of Canada has been found with its memory card and pictures intact - and is due to be returned to its original owner.

The camera - encrusted in sea organisms - was brought up from the sea bed by a group of students on a diving trip near Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the Vancouver Sun reports. When they brought the camera back to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, they discovered the memory card was still working, and saw one photo in particular - a group shot - that they thought might help them find the owner.

After about a week, a water taxi driver responded to a sign on a local notice board, saying he thought he recognised one of the men in the photo. And a coast guard member said he had actually taken part in the man's rescue.

"That just shocked me," the camera owner, Paul Burgoyne, tells CBC News. "Getting the camera, or the photos back, that's really quite wonderful." Burgoyne, an artist, was sailing 500km (310 miles) from Vancouver to his summer home in Tahsis, British Columbia, when the boat sank in an accident during the night. He says the discovery has given him a newfound respect for technology. "You throw most of it away every two years, but that little card is an amazing bit of technology."

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