Indonesia: Military chief 'collects fake watches'

Lt-Gen Moeldoko holding a watch in front of journalists Image copyright Jakarta Post
Image caption There has been speculation over whether Lt Gen Moeldoko's luxury watch collection is real or fake

The head of Indonesia's armed forces has tried to smash a luxury watch on the floor in front of journalists to prove the time piece is actually a fake, it seems.

Lt Gen Moeldoko was apparently responding to speculation around his watch collection - which the four-star general insists are fake. He said: "Just watch me, so you know I'm not lying," The Jakarta Globe reports. He then let one of the reporters check the watch, but apparently it was still working and had not picked up any scratches.

The watch in question is said to be a $100,000 Richard Mille 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph. But Lt Gen Moeldoko says it is a good Chinese imitation worth $430. "Other people buy expensive watches, but I get them cheap," he says.

When asked whether buying counterfeit goods violated intellectual property rights, the military chief responded: "That's none of my business." Another newspaper, the Jakarta Post, suggests the general takes inspiration from the watch design. "A country can move forward if it is innovative. Every time I look at this watch, it reminds me of innovation," he says. 

Earlier, the Singaporean website Mothership published a picture gallery claiming to show the general wearing watches worth thousands of dollars.

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