China: 'Internet phrases' banned in Henan Province

A man looks at a computer screen in a Chinese internet cafe Image copyright Getty Images

Popular turns of phrase coined by internet users in China have been banned from official documents in central Henan Province, it's been reported.

Words and phrases such as "diaosi", which translates to "underprivileged losers", or "nu han zi", meaning "tough women", and "xi da pu ben", signifying "news so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it around the world", will also be banished from textbooks in the province, state-run China Daily newspaper reports. The directive takes effect from 1 April, it says.

The move seems to have split online opinion, with some 40% of users on Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging platform, and WeChat, a popular instant messaging service, saying they support the regulation, a poll by China National Radio shows. One user says: "Internet phrases are not in line with the preciseness and strictness of official documents. It's inappropriate to insert them."

But another 40% oppose the new rule. A netizen nicknamed Milk argues: "Internet phrases reflect a certain era and its distinct culture. If they are not allowed to be used, how can future generations study our history?"

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