China: Mothers sell breast milk soap

Bar of soap
Image caption One mother claims to have sold over 300 bars of breast milk soap

Mothers in China have been warned against selling bars of soap made from their breast milk, it's reported.

It appears some mothers are manufacturing soap from milk left over after feeding their babies, according to Taiwanese news website Want China Times.

In advertisements posted on Chinese e-commerce website Taobao, the entrepreneurs claim the soap "whitens and protects skin," with one mother telling a reporter from a Hunan-based news website that she has sold over 300 bars.

Doctors are not quite so keen on the soap, Want China Times says. While breast milk has a rich variety of nutrients, the active matter is destroyed when manufactured into soap, one doctor is reported as saying. It remains possible that viruses which cause disease could still be present in the finished product, the unnamed medical professional said.

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