Egypt: Newlywed husband 'shot over pre-marital sex'

Women working by the bank of the River Nile near Luxor
Image caption Pre-marital relations are frowned upon in rural areas of Egypt

An Egyptian man has been killed in a so-called honour killing for allegedly having sexual relations with his wife before they were married, it's reported.

According to the English language Cairo Post newspaper, the man - identified only as Mohamed FM - was reportedly shot dead by his wife's brothers after they discovered the couple had been intimate before getting married. The couple had only been married for 15 days when her brothers and a cousin allegedly shot the man at a farm near Luxor in Upper Egypt. The paper says pre-marital relations are frowned upon in many rural parts of Egypt, and are forbidden by Islamic law and social norms.

Honour killings are not unusual in Egypt. In May this year, five men were arrested in the Luxor region over the deaths of three female relatives who they believed had been having affairs, the Associated Press reported. However, this latest murder raises eyebrows as relatives allegedly killed the man in order to remove the shame they believed fell upon the family two weeks after the marriage.

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