Ukraine: Do-it-yourself pothole repair

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image captionYuri Paritsky taking matters into his own hands in Horlivka

A man in Ukraine has started filling potholes himself after the authorities failed to improve the notoriously bumpy roads in his home city, it's claimed.

Yuri Paritsky has reportedly sourced crushed asphalt to fill potholes and hopes to cover most of Lenin Avenue, a major thoroughfare in the eastern city of Horlivka. "It's the third or fourth time I'm doing this," he told local website "I'm just trying to help my city. Things would improve if everyone did a little something."

Roads in Horlivka are bad even by Ukraine's unenviable standards. Last winter, a YouTube video of traffic struggling to negotiate the mountainous bumps in the city was much shared on social media.

Potholed roads are just one of many gripes held by Ukrainians against their government, but Prime Minister Mykola Azarov isn't one to accept all the blame. Responding to criticism of rising prices, he famously said in 2011: "Stop whinging. Pick up a spade, and start feeding your own family." Paritsky appears to have been listening.

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