Ukraine: Town 'bans mobile phone operators'

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A town in Ukraine has disconnected itself from the mobile phone network, it seems.

Councillors in Yaremche apparently terminated the lease allowing communications firms to use the masts amid pressure from health campaigners fearing the effects of radiation. "There is virtually no mobile connection in Yaremche now," reports internet and social media magazine Watcher. "The [operator] Kyivstar signal is detectable but it is almost impossible to make or take a call, since the base station is overloaded."

Watcher, which caters for the online business community, reckons it's hard to imagine "a more idiotic decision by a local council" and suggests it's bad news for the Carpathian winter resort, which has a population of about 8,000, with high season approaching. It quotes a local development expert as saying, presumably with tongue-in-cheek: "All electronic devices... should be seized from the locals and they should be given mammoth pelts and fenced."

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