UAE: Studying penguins in Dubai

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica
Image caption "It's a bit parky here, lads" - gentoo penguins in the colder climes of Antarctica

An American marine scientist has been studying penguins in Dubai, it seems.

With average summer temperatures approaching 40C (104F), the United Arab Emirates might seem an unlikely location for researching birds you'd expect to find nearer the south pole. But Dr Brent Stewart was investigating Gentoo and King penguin calls in a colony kept at an indoor ski centre, ahead of an expedition to the British overseas territory of South Georgia, in the southern Atlantic, reports The National newspaper.

It says his $136,000 (£85,000) trip, funded by the Ski Dubai winter sports centre, aims to study how the birds are able to recognise each other among colonies of thousands. "Even here, our penguins call each other and they know exactly who is who," a centre spokesman was quoted as saying.

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