Israel: Reality TV stars 'jump gas mask queue'

Gas mask factory in Israel

There's been anger in Tel Aviv as filming for a reality TV series halted the distribution of gas masks, it's been reported.

Hundreds of people who had waited for hours were reportedly locked outside a community distribution centre as cameras filmed a scene where the stars refused to queue for their masks. Speaking to the Haaretz newspaper - which did not name the programme - one person described how the incident unfolded. "They just came in for 20 minutes and filmed a reality show. Pregnant women sat there for hours in the heat, elderly people were simply in shock over what happened," said Sigal Atakchi. Others told the paper that the producers didn't apologise for jumping the queue. Dalia Ben-Shoshan said: "That's how it goes here. They can thumb their noses at us all."

There's been a rush for gas masks in Israel following the chemical weapons attack in Syria on 21 August, and The Times of Israel has reported queues of thousands outside distribution centres run by the country's post office. The paper said that one distribution centre in Jerusalem was closed down after an angry mob forcibly took gas masks. Despite the long queues, the Israeli military said that the risk of a chemical attack on the country was "low".

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