Altered images: 'Nazi loco' deleted from club website

A screengrab of Lokomotiv Moscow's players with a steam engine as a backdrop
Image caption Now you see it... the "Nazi workhorse"

A top Russian football club scrambled to tweak publicity photos after bloggers said they featured a backdrop of a steam engine used by the Nazis, it's claimed.

The images showed Lokomotiv Moscow players posing in the top-flight side's new kit. And in a nod to the club's rich heritage - it was set up by railwaymen in 1922 and is sponsored by Russian Railways - the background featured an imposing ash-black locomotive. But one blogger identified the engine in the pictures as a German "DR-Baureihe 03", said to have been manufactured in 1937 and used as a "Nazi workhorse".

Image caption Now you don't

Hours later, the locomotive disappeared from the photos on the club's website, leaving the footballers with nothing but black emptiness behind their backs. News site Lenta, which had already grabbed a screenshot, said Lokomotiv's managers had launched a probe.

The eagle-eyed blogger made a withering assessment, suggesting they buy the locomotive and launch it on Russia's railways. "After all, it would be more fun than watching the team play," he said.

Lokomotiv weren't the only ones smoothing things over this week, pictorially-speaking, if reports in Kuwait are to be believed. Election candidates there have been hiring IT designers to "beautify their photos for ads", using Photoshop-style editing programmes, according to the government's official news agency, Kuna.

It quoted one of the computer specialists hired for the task, Mohamed Anwar, as saying Kuwaiti society had changed, with facial appearances playing an influential role in attracting people.

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