10 things we didn't know last week

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1. British people are 16 times more likely to know the rules of Quidditch than of croquet.

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2. It's easier to give birth in a small, dark, warm room with a midwife silently knitting.

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3. Three-times F1 world champion Niki Lauda swapped his trophies for unlimited free car washes.

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4. Playing Tetris for 12 minutes the day after a traumatic event can reduce flashbacks.

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5. A typical bus passenger in a large city like London unknowingly travels alongside a distant relative on one in four journeys.

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6. Music fans in Finland can get refunds from disappointing concerts.

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7. A baby mouse exposed to the smell of cat urine will be much less likely to flee or show signs of fear later in life.

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8. You can board an aeroplane carrying up to an ounce of marijuana at Portland International Airport as long as you are flying within the state of Oregon.

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9. Taylor Swift asks photographers at her concerts to sign a contract stating that photos can only be published once and then deleted.

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10. Many worker ants are lazy freeloaders.

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