10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Bees contribute more to the British economy than the monarchy.

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2. Oliver Cromwell supposedly called the Magna Carta the "Magna Farta" - he didn't like it.

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3. Most kangaroos are left-handed.

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4. The plot of Die Hard was hidden in the source code of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's website.

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5. Sunshine can boost the chances of pregnancy by up to a third.

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6. Baboon troops democratically decide which direction to go in.

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7. Rich people used the teeth of dead soldiers from the Battle of Waterloo as dentures in the 19th Century.

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8. TV channels can be changed by mind-control when using a new remote headset.

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9. Andy Murray loves Mock the Week but not Game of Thrones.

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10. Moon jellyfish that lose their arms will rearrange the remaining ones to make them symmetrical again.

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