10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Raisa Gorbachev sent the UK agriculture minister a book of 500 potato recipes.

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2. Breaking Bad is the show people most often lie about having watched.

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3. There are only seven surviving skeletons of the quagga - a cousin of the zebra that became extinct in 1883.

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4. Women are now rarely described as "blonde" or "sexy" in conversation.

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5. The threat of being eaten doesn't deter dumpling squid from having sex.

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6. Jamie Oliver turned down a role in the Hobbit.

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7. It costs £300 to operate on a constipated goldfish.

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8. Churchill's future sister-in-law wrote to him in 1907 warning him not to become a Muslim.

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9. Eating a menu composed of dishes cooked with alcohol in them can push you over the legal drink driving limit.

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10. TV comedy Miranda elicited a complaint that the show was biased against tall women.

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