10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Illustrator Quentin Blake draws standing up.

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2. Hip hop can help depressed people with their self esteem - The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is a particularly effective pick-me-up.

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3. Female mammals sleep around to stop infanticide.

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4. Darts champion Phil "The Power" Taylor's favourite juice contains avocado, apple and ginger.

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5. American teachers are allowed to whack children with a paddle (a wooden bat a little shorter and thinner than a cricket bat) in 19 states.

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6. Micheline Peltier has spent years fighting to get David Dimbleby to correctly pronounce "Dominica" - it should be Dom-min-EEKA not Dom-MIN-ica.

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7. Singles Day is China's biggest online shopping day.

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8. The release of a track by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson was delayed more than 30 years because Mercury objected to the presence of Bubbles the chimp at its recording.

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9. Dustin Hoffman is not amused by Rob Brydon's impressions.

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10. Southampton right back Nathaniel Clyne has a tattoo of Stockwell tube station.

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