10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Gladiators were mostly vegetarian.

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2. The bass line of Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side cost £17.

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3. Human sexual intercourse evolved from the activities of a bony fish - Microbrachius dicki - in Scottish lakes 385 million years ago.

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4. In 1964, the most common age of death in England and Wales was zero.

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5. The Swiss Guard's Vatican cookbook called "Buon Appetito" is available in German but not Italian.

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6. Overfed mice that are exposed to UV light stop putting on weight.

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7. Quality champagne tastes better out of a wine glass than a flute.

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8. Posties feel they are not allowed to use the term "junk mail".

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9. Bread with white and blue mould on it is fine to cut around and eat but black mould is dangerous.

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10. Only 5% of adults had gum disease in Roman Briton, compared to nearly one in three adults today.

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