10 things we didn't know last week

1. Facebook's globe icon looks different depending where in the world you are.

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2. Richard Nixon was interested in the mating habits of pandas.

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3. There is a church where ctrl+v and ctrl+c are sacred symbols.

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4. Since 2001, the Fire Brigade has freed 16 children in the London Borough of Bromley who have got their heads stuck in banisters.

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5. People are paid to impersonate langur monkeys and make noises to frighten the smaller red-faced macaque monkeys away from India's parliament buildings.

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6. The Milky Way weighs about half as much as the Andromeda galaxy.

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7. The coat of a dead dog called London Jack, whose stuffed remains were used to collect charity donations at railway stations, changed colour twice.

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8. An erotic self-help book was overdue from New York's public libraries for 54 years before it was eventually returned.

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9. After three penalty kicks in the same direction, goalkeepers are more likely to dive the opposite way on the next shot.

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10. Theropod dinosaurs shrank 12 times from 163kg (25st 9lb) to 0.8kg (1.8lb), before becoming modern birds.

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