10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The "perfect Aryan child" in Nazi propaganda posters was Jewish.

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2. The best way to prevent your headphones from tangling in your bag is to join the ends together.

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3. Chris Packham writes a letter every year to the makers of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! to complain about the show's treatment of animals.

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4. Yorkshire and Humberside are as red-headed as Ireland.

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5. Eating an apple a day can boost sexual pleasure in healthy women.

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6. The Yo mobile app is used to alert Israelis about rocket attacks.

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7. Historically, the perfect age to be a player in the World Cup is 27.5 - it's also the mean age of the 32 teams that played in the group matches at Brazil 2014.

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8. Smell receptors are found in the heart, liver and gut, and aid the healing process.

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9. Guantanamo detainees smuggle food into the recreation yard to feed Princess, the camp's cat.

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10. One in five US high school seniors has smoked hookah, and most of them are under the impression it is healthy.

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