10 things we didn't know last week

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1. French trains are fatter than 50 years ago.

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2. A species of skeleton shrimp spends most of its life fighting.

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3. England manager Roy Hodgson and player Leighton Baines share a passion for the novelist Haruki Murakami.

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4. The fifth most common question people in Mexico search the internet for relating to pregnant women is: "Can pregnant women wear heels?"

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5. Mice walk in wheels simply for fun.

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6. The number of Catholic nuns has been falling for four decades while the size of the priesthood has remained stable.

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7. The Nazis tried to suppress discussion of the Beveridge report, which led to the National Health Service and welfare state, judging it "superior to the current German social insurance in almost all points".

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8. The Chelsea team of 2005/06 was statistically the best ever in an English football league.

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9. It is the chemical reaction between vegetables and olive oil that makes the Mediterranean diet healthy.

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10. Fruit flies take their time over difficult decisions.

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