10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Goats are surprisingly quick witted.

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2. Helsinki is the most expensive city in the world to order room service.

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3. Ukraine's navy is equipped with combat sea lions.

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4. There have been three cricket matches played at the North Pole.

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5. When crows drop stones into water to make food more accessible, they display the reasoning skills of children aged 5-7.

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6. Michael Gove is a fan of chap hop.

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7. Tuberculosis can be passed from cats to their owners.

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8. An aircraft's "black box" is actually two boxes.

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9. Chimpanzees have bromances too.

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10. North Korea's "leader's haircut" - reportedly being rolled out to students across the country - is aesthetically similar to an earlier style known as the "Chinese smuggler haircut".

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