10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Couples who watch and discuss romantic comedies are less likely to divorce than those who use other methods of relationship therapy.

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2. Prince is very good at ping pong.

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3. US military dogs are given ranks that make them more senior than their handlers to encourage the human to treat the animals with respect.

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4. Jackdaws' conspicuous bright eyes frighten off their competitors.

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5. Farmed salmon with no experience of the world outside line up with the Earth's magnetic field in the direction of their ancestral feeding grounds.

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6. The faces of the fastest riders in the Tour de France are 25% more attractive to women than the slowest 10% of riders, although women on the pill had a reduced preference for quicker riders.

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7. At Italian football club Cagliari, the stadium has no seats numbered 17 as the number is considered unlucky in Italy - they are labelled 16b instead.

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8. Hydrangea plants contain hallucinogenic and euphoria-inducing properties.

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9. Humans walked on the Norfolk coast of England more than 800,000 years ago.

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10. Jose Mourinho is an unreliable witness when it comes to Scottish accents.

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