Caption Challenge: Model behaviour

Male model at Burberry show Image copyright Reuters

Winning entries in the Caption Challenge.

This week, it's just another day on the Burberry catwalk.

Thanks to all who entered. The prize of a small amount of kudos to the following:

6. Robandav:

When I said I wanted a Burberry check, I meant...

5. Ben Salisbury:

Forget about plucking my chest hair, what about my mono-brow?

4. Nick Rabin:

Britain's Next Top Model - From obscurity he was plucked.

3. Christopher Slater-Walker:

"I'm just replacing this one's battery".

2. Lee Ford:

"This is going to sting but nipples are so 2013."

1. Vince:

Judy's speed dating selection technique was thorough.

Full rules can be seen here [16KB]

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