Paper Monitor: The party's over

Discarded pint glass and fast food wrapper

For many people it's back to work after a week of sloth.

But the Daily Mail is keeping memories of festive excess alive.

Most of a page is given over to a photo of an apparently comatose girl on the streets of Swansea. The hapless reveller is carried aloft by a young man as another woman takes a picture of the tableau on her phone.

"SHAMELESS," is the headline in the print edition. The scene is "a new low for boozy Britain".

That's a bold claim, thinks Paper Monitor. Lower than that the vision of Drunk Girl, hitherto the default stock image when a paper wishes to depict the misery that late-night drunkenness can wreak?

Perhaps she now has competition for picture editors' attentions.

The Daily Telegraph focuses on a different kind of intoxication.

It covers the US's first legalised cannabis sales for recreational use in Colorado, speaking to those who braved snow and icy weather to purchase up to an ounce of "Sour Diesel" or "Gypsy Girl" unencumbered by paranoia that the law might catch up with them.

"I'm excited to celebrate the history of the day," a 55-year-old named Ray, who patiently queued up alongside his son at the Denver Kush Club. "When I smoked pot in the Seventies, it was illegal and now I can just walk in and get it whenever I want."

Presumably newsdesks around the world will now have to source a shot of a Stoned Girl (or Boy). Any volunteers?

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