10 things we didn't know last week

1. When "guilty pleasure" first appeared in the New York Times, in 1860, it was used to describe a brothel.

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2. TV drama Broadchurch was inspired by Thomas Hardy's Wessex.

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3. The coldest spots on earth are on mountain ridges in Antarctica, set a little bit down the slope from the top.

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4. Until May 2013, "being an incorrigible rogue" was a criminal offence.

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5. China uses drones to monitor herds of wild yaks in a remote mountain region.

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6. Birmingham City Council blocks the word "commie" from incoming email.

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7. American alligators position sticks on their snouts to lure birds to land on them.

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8. James Bond's average weekly alcohol consumption was 92 units.

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9. Proteins in the seeds of tropical plant Moringa oleifera can be used to purify water.

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10. The Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII) thought he might have been able to prevent World War II if he had remained on the throne.

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