Paper Monitor: Battle of the sexes

Couple in bed
Image caption OK, you win - just don't snore

"Men joke that women can't parallel park, women say men all have the emotional intelligence of a plank of wood… and so it goes on."

This is how an article from the Daily Mirror starts today, revealing that scientists say these stereotypes are largely true.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered "male and female brains are wired entirely differently, confirming what many people have suspected for many years," says the Mirror.

The newspaper took this research as an opportunity to try to determine who wins "the battle of the sexes".

Throwing, driving, sleeping, being a doctor, multi-tasking, being boss, boozing and intelligence were the eight fields chosen for such a comparison.

Beware - these findings might be quite surprising.

Firstly, the men win in the boozing category because they absorb and metabolise alcohol better than women. Shocking.

Men are also better at throwing and at sleeping.

More importantly, men are better drivers than women. "Self-confidence might play a part, as nearly four in 10 men already think they are better drivers than women, while just 26% of women think their gender is the best," the Mirror says.

"As for the parallel parking, studies show men's brains are better than women's at visualising 3D images."

Women are the best at being boss and multi-tasking.

"A study found women make better bosses because they are fairer, have better scruples and are more likely to make decisions that benefit everyone," the Mirror says.

"Psychologists found men were slower and less organised when switching rapidly between tasks."

Women are also better doctors. "A Canadian research published in October found women medics are more likely to order vital tests and prescribe the right drug."

But the highlight of the article is the assertion that women are more intelligent.

"Women now have higher IQs than men for the first time since records began."

According to the Mirror, men and women are equal with each of them winning four categories.

It remains unclear, however, which of the two genders should be the most proud about what they are supposed to be the best at.

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