Paper Monitor: Perfect wife


The perfect wife.

No-one's got time for grand unifying theories anymore. Or so one of Paper Monitor's colleagues suggested the other day.

But page three of the Daily Telegraph edges close to a theory of marriage.

The top story relates how the wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos left a one star book review on her husband's site.

Why? Because the book was a biography of her husband - The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon - and she didn't like it. There's been controversy over spiteful anonymous reviews left by rivals in recent years. But she signed hers MacKenzie Bezos, which is her real name.

"The book passes off speculation about his thoughts and intentions as fact," she writes. The Telegraph notes how her one star rating is out of step with the majority - the book has an average score of 4.4. But her review is deemed the "most helpful" by 1,769 users.

Underneath this article lies the headline: "Why wife's temper is key to happy marriage."

In a nutshell, the piece says that if a couple have an argument it's more important for the woman to calm down quickly and discuss solutions than for the man. "When it comes to managing negative emotion during conflict, wives really matter," says Lian Bloch, lead author of the latest study.

The grand unifying theory? Every man needs a woman prepared to defend his honour on Amazon and who'll also not shout at him for too long.

It's a move along the evolutionary ladder from the Sun's page three. But the Female Eunuch it ain't.

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