Paper Monitor: A bag of nuts

plastic bags

Readers' bags.

Feel like a snapshot of middle Britain? Let's do it. The Telegraph letters page, of course.

"I too was once an advocate of the American-style paper bag (Letters, October 30) until I tried carrying one in the rain. The bag dissolved into mush, depositing my shopping in a puddle." So writes a reader in Dundee.

Another has a different perspective, a bag reminiscence, if you will. With added Telegraph points for including M&S.

"Some years ago, when plastic bags became environmentally incorrect, Marks & Spencer sold cheap and cheerful coloured string bags at its check-outs. I still have mine, washed dozens of times and it slips into my handbag."

Nuts are also on the agenda. A reader from Colchester relates an interesting experience with some "wet walnuts". On cracking one open, he finds inside a single kernel the size of a small hazelnut. He has his doubts as to the nut's integrity. But his suspicions might be misplaced. "A brave colleague who consumed the mutant kernel said it tasted distinctly "walnutty". Have any other readers come across this phenomenon?"

And yes, unusually for the letters page, that was kernel with a k.

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