10 things we didn't know last week

1. Reindeer eyes change colour over the course of a year.

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2. The Chinese for nouveau riche is "tuhao".

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3. Red underwear is popular in Wales, while those in North-West England buy a lot of thongs.

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4. Nervous dogs wag their tails to the left, and happy dogs to the right (from the dog's point of view) - and fellow canines pick up on this lop-sided tail language.

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5. People who eat large amounts of chocolate have trimmer stomachs.

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6. The mathematical chance of meeting your soul mate is one in 10,000.

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7. A long-term lover is known as a "small house" in Zimbabwe.

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8. Mosquitoes tune into the same frequency of wing beat as the others around them.

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9. A smartphone can stop a bullet.

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10. Amazon's original name was to be Relentless - and the URL relentless.com still redirects to the company website.

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