Paper Monitor: Pulling the EU chain


It's time to get lavatorial.

Next to the beginning of the Brooks-Coulson trial on the front of the Times is the story of the great toilet flushing scandal.

"Not even the smallest and most private room in the house can escape the long arm of the European Union," the paper writes.

Eurocrats are planning to standardise lavatory flushes across the continent. "Bog standardise, you might, say." Back of the net for reporter David Charter!

He goes on: "It is a move that should leave Britons gripping their seat in fear: research shows that lavatories in the UK use more water than those in any other country in Europe."

The new "Europe-wide advisory standard" will set the "euroflush" at five litres for conventional toilets and one litre for urinals.

It can't be long before we start reading features about the rise and rise of the home urinal.

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