10 things we didn't know last week

1. In Scrabble, a Benjamin is a three-letter extension to the front of a five-letter word.

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2. Gold grows on eucalyptus trees.

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3. Jazz apples are actually called Scifresh, and Pink Lady is the trademark name for Cripps Pinks.

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4. A man's walking pace slows by 7% for wives and girlfriends but not for other women, and increases if walking with another man.

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5. There are more US astronauts than pilots anywhere who have flown Concorde.

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6. Dick Cheney, the former US vice-president, had his heart implant modified for fear of terrorist attack.

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7. The avocado's survival after the age of mammoths is an evolutionary puzzle.

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8. The working-class white accent of New Orleans is affectionately known as "Yat", from the local greeting "Where y'at?"

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9. Reasons for a person to be committed to an insane asylum in Virginia in the 1800s included novel reading and "desertion by husband".

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10. The equivalent of an urban fox in Genoa is a wild boar.

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