Paper Monitor: The off-script star

christopher ecclestone

The off-script star and the uncomfortable PR.

Actors are all about "the work". At least that's usually the spiel. Think Jeff Bridges, featured in Private Eye's current Luvvies column: "When I'm preparing for a role, I'll invite the character into me."

But today's movie interview in Metro is refreshingly off-message. The first paragraph deserves to be reproduced verbatim.

"'I primarily do these films for the money,' declares Christopher Eccleston cheerily, much to the amusing alarm of the Thor: The Dark World representative sitting in on our chat. 'But you were a fan of Marvel Comics when you were a kid…' she prompts brightly. 'As a kid, I was not particularly drawn to comics,' Eccleston persists. 'I wasn't much of a reader, I was always playing out on the street."

It's a delicious image - the film PR shifting uncomfortably in her chair, the renegade star unwilling to play the game. And one can only wonder at her nerves as Eccleston continues in that cheerfully glum manner for the rest of the piece.

Right at the end he's asked if he'd like to be in Star Trek. He pauses and in jumps the PR again.

"Never say never?"

Eccleston is rather more earthy.

"The original Star Trek series was important to me. But I wouldn't whore for it."

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