10 things we didn't know last week

1. Ancient Britons ate frogs' legs.

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2. "Territorial discrimination" by fans - for example insulting Neapolitans - is an offence that can lead Italian football clubs to have to play behind closed doors.

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3. Marmosets are too polite to interrupt each other.

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4. Morrissey was asked to perform Smelly Cat on Friends.

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5. A universal law of urination means that elephants, cows, goats and dogs all take roughly 21 seconds to empty their bladders.

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6. The country where you are most likely to be enslaved is Mauritania.

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7. Adding tiny Lego brick-style studs to solar panels makes them 22% more efficient.

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8. From the age of 18 months a child can tell when someone is being insincere.

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9. On Saturn and Jupiter it probably rains diamonds.

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10. It's a myth that President Chirac regularly ate calf's head - he preferred snails and sauerkraut.

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