Paper Monitor: Hitler youth


"Don't mention the war" may be good advice in many arenas, but not in the newspapers.

Story of the day in the Sun is unquestionably the one headlined "HEIL LITTLER".

It concerns a 10-year-old-boy who was banned from turning up at his school's World War II costume day.

Pupils were urged to "dress in the style of the era" as "an evacuee, soldier etc".

William Gahasemi went one stage further. He turned up in an Adolf Hitler costume.

His mum, Davina, who brushed his hair to the side, drew a toothbrush moustache below his nose and fashioned him a swastika armband, was told by teachers that the outfit was "extremely inappropriate".

She defends the decision in an unimprovable quote: "I wasn't sure at first, but William said Hitler was kind of the lead character in the whole war and someone should play him."

The costume day did end on a happy note for William, however. After removing his Hitler accoutrements, he was "allowed to tuck into a wartime themed lunch of beef stew and dumplings".

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