10 things we didn't know last week

1. Cuban rescue workers use sniffer rabbits to find people in collapsed buildings.

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2. Finnair flights used to have a roast beef trolley.

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3. Bill Clinton was taught a jujitsu move by his aides to prevent Yassar Arafat hugging him for the cameras.

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4. There is a professor of space law at the University of Mississippi.

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5. Noise and artificial lighting means the dawn chorus starts up to five hours earlier in cities.

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6. Los Angeles has a cupcake ATM vending machine.

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7. UK Education Secretary Michael Gove owns a pair of swimming trunks "in the style of lederhosen".

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8. Ceefax was big in Holland.

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9. Fifteen per cent of Americans don't use the internet.

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10. City birds cope better in the cold than their woodland counterparts.

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